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Marumi premium engineered bamboo flooring perth


Why Bamboo Flooring

premium engineered bamboo flooring perth by Pure Floors

When it comes to choosing flooring for your home people firstly consider the look. There are several types of ‘timber flooring product’ each of that has their own characteristics and attributes.

If you want to have natural and sustainable material, premium quality and low maintain cost then you can’t go past bamboo flooring, especially our Marumi Bamboo flooring. At Marumi, you will not only find premium grade bamboo material but also expert advice.

There are many different types of bamboo flooring but only compressed engineered bamboo will have these benefits we list here.

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Professional Installation Team

Professional floor installer

Marumi premium engineered bamboo flooring Perth

Our installation team has more than 18 years experience in timber and bamboo flooring industry. We are proundly ATFA certified Level 6 member.

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